• Odering Delivery

    Our dynamic office are flexible to allow our clients to send their orders in different channels.

  • Quotation

    Our sales team will process your order with finance team for the feasibility of your order.

  • Sample

    Once your quotation is approved, your oders first sample will be produces and sent to you for confirmation and examination of the product.

  • Production

    After the sample approval , your order will be sent the production/printing based on the quantity of your order.

  • Binding & finish Line

    We compileand bind the paper work processes from production section, this is the last process leading to the delivery of a customer's product.

printing department


Mazenod Institute established in early 1932 under the supervision of the Oblates family as the multi-purpose enterprise including tailor-shop, printing plant, shoe making, carpentry and other more. The company kept operational until Lesotho got its independence in 1966. Due to the environmental change and economical advancements, new management team had to reassess company aims, policies and structures. Those lead the change of the company name from Mazenod Institute to Mazenod Printing Works (Pty) Ltd that ended up lawfully registered under N. 68/028 in the companies’ registry, Maseru, under the companies’ act 1967, on 29 March 1968. Mazenod Printing Works (Pty) Ltd registered to carry on the business of the publishers (Publishing), newspaper Proprietors (Moeletsi oa Basotho), book selling and stationery. Some of the items activated at the establishment of the company but there were some advancements other operations. It also includes Book Centre; offices rented and tailoring expanded as a new venture in the company.

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You imagine. We build. Our project partnership.

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You imagine. We build. Our project partnership.

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our mission and vision

“Bring your manuscripts; we will help you publish them as finished book.”

Meet Our Staff

You imagine. We build. Our project partnership.


Lehlohonolo Mohale

(Sub-editor, Moeletsi oa Basotho)

Lehlohonolo Mohale , Email: mohale@mazenodprintingworks.com.


Rev. Khakhane

(Managing director)

Khakhane, Email: Khakhane@mazenodprintingworks.com.

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Hape Motopi

(Acting Manager Tailoring)

Hape Motopi, Email: Motopi@mazenodprintingworks.com.


Anna Delpan

Printing Manager

Publishing section

You imagine. We build. Our project partnership.

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07 Mar

Specialist Books

We understand that pitch documents, look books and coffee table brochures designed to impress here at Mazenod Printing Works, hence why MPW pride itself on creating specialist books that tell clients’ stories, their way. Whether it is a single copy or a lengthy print run, a client can be certain of consistent care at the best value. MPW long time dedication in publishing industry makes it be proud of its experience, “…We are your perfect partner for confidential publications…

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2020 Feb

Step 1: Ordering delivery

Our dynamic office are flexible to allow our clients to send their orders in different channels: • Hand delivery: you can come to us for the placement of order in person; this helps our team to have a brought discussion with you if necessary and ask where possible for more clarity on your product. • Send us a detailed description of your order through fax and email.

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2020 Feb

Step2: Quotation

Our sales team will process your order with finance team for the feasibility of your order. After a thorough analysis of your order, we shall then email you the detailed quotations. We can even call you to collect your quotation if ever you are at reach.

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04 Mar

Step 3: Sample

Client’s order first sample produced and sent to a client for confirmation and examination of the product. If there are some errors such as typo or unwanted design, a client notify the technical office; this is the office responsible to receive orders and make quotations. It also works as interlink between a client and design section. The work will then send to ICT sections.

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02 Mar

Step 5: Binding & finished Line

The section compiles and binds the work from the press section to make it a complete book. The last process leading to the delivery of a customer’s product. The company caters specifically from 1-copy jobs to high volume promotional print jobs. Mazenod Printing Works is willing to help and promote the authors within the country. It dedicates itself to support and bring to the committed the art of writing from Lesotho.

mazenod printing works (Pty) Ltd

You imagine. We build. Our project partnership.

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Secure Printing

We place high value on confidentially and respect our clients need to keep their material secure and safe.

We have facilities delicated to printing sensitive and high risk material. This facility is equipped with cautious individuals that allow limited access to the premises. We also have cameras that are monitored and records the actions in those areas.

Our Security is however, not limited to this facility alone. All major access areas on our premises are monitored, as well as cameras monitoring all business and actions throughout the production, typesetting room and logistics areas.

This video footage can be made available on request. A record of all vehicles that enter our premises is collected by a security guard who registers their number plates of all vehicles entering our premises including the company's vehicles.

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Departments on the mazenod printing works (pty) Ltd

TThe company currently divided into four departments that operate with separate accounts though there is only one financial report for the company.

  • 1. Mazenod Printing Works and Publishers
  • 2. Mazenod Book Centre
  • 3. Mazenod Tailoring
  • 4. Moeletsi oa Basotho Newspaper
  • The detailed information about each department will be indicated later in the document including their visions and objectives; it also include the manner in which they are operating as a commercial department different to each other based on their merits.

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    Feel the sense of writing

    Author's and their work are the centre of everything we do. We are proud to provide our authors with unprecedented editorial excellence, marketing reach, long standing connections with booksellers, and industryleading insight into reader and consumer behaviour.

    Consistently at the forefront of innovation and technological advancement, we also use digital technology to collaborate with our authors for the unique reading experiences and expand the reach.

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