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  • Priority is given to church books and Catholic Literature
  • Mazenod publishing department is very cautious in accepting unsolicited manuscripts of Sesotho literature, except the manuscripts of an outstanding quality.
  • Mazenod publishing does not buy manuscripts, but signs agreements with authors for publication of their books, a royalty of agreed percentage of the retail price being paid as agreed to them for all copies actually sold during that period. “Copies sold,” means copies sold by Mazenod Printing Works (Pty) Ltd.
  • Mazenod Publishing department leaves to the authors all rights on radio broadcast of television, and translation on their books in other countries orthography.
  • All books which do not belong to specific authors, or which have been bought long ago by Mazenod, belong to Lesotho Oblates and royalty is paid to Lesotho Oblates in the same way as for other authors.
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      Mazenod Printing is a local giant in printing and publishing company, a specialty it has perfected for decades. This department is the major department in Mazenod Printing Works (Pty) Ltd. It prides itself in serving different professionals, Government, students and non-governmental organizations in the country. Having been in the business for a century now, the company has formidable relations with leading suppliers of paper work materials with a long-term experience in both print and electronic publishing, hence why we have the desirable distinction of being the first and the longest serving press in Lesotho. We handle some huge assignments for government, parastetals, schools, as well as individual assignments together with students. Some decades back we have established ourselves in the printing industry as one of the stalwarts. We are continuously dedicated to provide our customer the finest printed products with the help of the best and most advanced printing technology. Well printing philosophy, developed printing machines and our staff, are the secrets behind our success. The expert technicians in our team know how to produce the best printing products as they have the most advanced knowledge in technical as well as graphical areas. We therefore, are capable of fulfilling types of printing needs through our high-tech facilities.

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